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Different people have different responsibilities when it comes to combating dark ads. We selected three critical groups and created ways for each of them to contribute to solving this complex issue.

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Yes, the person reading this! It might not be possible for the average person to catch all the dark ads thrown your way, but you can certainly learn how to digest your social media feed with a more careful eye. After playing our Dark Ads Game, read our tip sheet on how to spot dark ads in the wild. Bonus points if you share with your friends!

Tip Sheet

Social Media

Social media companies have the power to control how users view and interpret political ads on their platforms. Although each company has their own philosophy on political advertising, we ask them to consider the problems we raise in our Dark Ads Game and address the issues on their platforms.

The Game


Both the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have regulatory authority in ensuring proper disclosure for online political advertising. Two bills--the Filter Bubble Transparency Act and the Honest Ads Act--will require the agencies to adopt new regulations and update existing ones in order to implement the provisions of the bills. We present draft regulation for each bill, as well as a policy brief to the FEC, to ensure that each agency regulates online political advertising to its fullest ability.

Policy Solutions

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